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AA Emergency Drains

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The Basics - Grease Traps are an integral part of a kitchens waste-water drainage system. Waste water from the dishwasher, sinks and floor drains contain various amounts of grease and oils. This waste passes down drainpipes that lead to the grease trap. The function of the Grease Trap is to allow the flow of waste water, enabling it to cool inside the Grease Trap. As the water is slowed and cooled inside the grease trap, greases and oils being lighter than water, float to the top of the Grease Trap. As water flows through the outlet baffle of the Grease Trap, the oils and greases are “trapped” in the Grease Trap.

The Problem - If your Grease Trap and kitchen drains are NOT being treated with BIO TRAPSOLVE there is a high risk of them being completely blocked up.

This will create:

Business Interruptions

Nasty Odours

Unhappy Staff and Customers

High Clearing Up Costs

Complicated Disposal Manifests

Environmental Problems

Fines From Local Authorities

Grease Traps

We Supply, Install and Maintain All Passive and Mechanical Grease Traps

Access Cover Inlet Outlet

The Solution - BIO TRAPSOLVE is a ready-to-use natural biological treatment, which effectively digests the build-up of grease, fats and organic waste to keep Grease Traps and kitchen drains free flowing.

BIO TRAPSOLVE requires no user maintenance, as the liquid is dispensed into the Grease Trap via an automatic dosing pump. The pump is programmed to activate during quiet periods.  This allows BIO TRAPSOLVE to work uninterrupted.

AA EMERGENCY DRAINS provides a free maintenance service to BIO TRAPSOLVE customers. This includes monitoring Grease Traps, drain lines and pumps.